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Leon Cruz has been involved in the sport of Bodybuilding for 25 years, power lifting for 18 years, Olympic lifting for 10 years and strong-man for 5 years. His extensive knowledge of the sport of fitness, nutrition and strength training is vast and based on his years of experience that makes him a well respected authority on the subject. Leon holds two Bachelors degrees, one in Science and Mathematics and the other in Business. He also holds a Masters degree in Literature and Education from Mercy College. Leon is an ACE and LS certified personal trainer.

Leon has studied various types of strength training and immediately saw the physical, mental and philosophical links between all these types of fitness and strength training. This lead to the publication of his first book and videos,” Muscle conditioning course”, which teaches the trainee how to develop explosive strength and muscle size with overall fitness through body weight callisthenic exercises; and “The Mass Building course” along with his Muscle conditioning coaching club where members are coached and trained through discussion forums and monthly newsletter and CD package.

Leon also writes monthly articles for internet based information sites on health.

Leon publishes a FREE daily e-mail newsletter on his website at that all are encouraged to sign up for. And as stated above, he has an exclusive member's only website called The Muscle Conditioning Coaching Club also at